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Well we're in quite the worldwide pickle...

WOW! What a situation we are facing. World wide pandemic, here in Ontario, we are declared emergency status, some countries, states, communities are on total lockdown - some people quarantined for weeks. What in the actual f*** is going on here??

COVID-19 is the culprit and unfortunately they (whoever that really is?) don't actually know too much about it.

I decided to close my salon for 2 weeks, which was a dreadfully difficult choice to make - however, morally I didn't see any other option. I don't want to be responsible for anyone in my salon catching the virus because we accidentally missed a spot while disinfecting, or there was a cough which seemed innocent, that claimed an elderly client's life.

I don't know what to do except be a hermit. And I am (being a hermit). I have been searching the inter-webs trying to gain knowledge on this thing, and what it is doing to our friends. Unfortunately, knowledge is hard to find because there are so many opposing pieces of information. What I have pulled from the ruckus is that we need to stay apart for a bit. This coronavirus is highly contagious, and we need to be socially responsible. The government is providing assistance to folks who are not working during this craziness and we need to apply, receive the help the government is offering, and stay home!! If we work together on this, and take it seriously, we can beat it. I don't want to get sick, I don't want my kids to get sick, I don't want to get my parents sick, or anyone else. Please everyone, work together - to stay apart! We have so many ways to connect with each other when we can't be together, let's be thankful for that. Don't go out unnecessarily, send only 1 person for groceries when needed, be careful where you go, stay in quarantine if you are sick, wash your hands often, online shop if you feel you need an outlet.

We can do this, team! Be mindful of personal space, think about our friends and families and how to protect them. Choose your media wisely, and just chill in your home for a bit. It's actually kind of nice to slow down and breathe. Take care of each other xo

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