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Nutrition Coach It is...

Ok guys, I wrote a post a while back about trying to be healthier and work out more. Well I was failing. Nothing seemed to work, and now that we are still under quarantine, I decided its a good time for a learning curve. I budgeted to gain a nutrition coach. So I have been working with my coach for a couple of weeks now, and I am loving it. She, along with the software, are helping me to change my habits to be a healthier me.

So this post will serve as my 'Today's Mission'. My lesson today is to determine what I want out of this plan and create a message to my future self, 1 year away - my ideal me. The key is to be positive, make a list of what you want to be, feel, do. So here we are...deep breaths - I feel vulnerable here and am not much of a sharer so this breaks me out of my comfort zone.

I want to be...

Healthy, fit, energetic, happy. I want to have my 25 year old body back (or better) but with a healthy mom mental state. I want to be there for my kids and be a good role model, to show them healthy is achievable. And to be confident in themselves.

I want to do...

I want to improve my business, expand it. Finally start implementing my next steps, or a solid plan for implementation. It will mark 5 years in business so I want to make it stand out. Challenge myself without fear.

I want to feel...

Good about myself. Have energy through the day without reaching for multiple coffees. I want to feel fit, lean, confident and strong.

Thats a wrap for now. I will fill you in on my coach and software info as time goes on. So far I am happy and seeing results, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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